“I found the whole process great. I found out a lot of things about myself that I wasn’t expecting. It enlightened me about who I am and how best to deal with my problems. I feel more confident in being able to handle life events in the future.”

“Going to Jessica helped me to identify what was bothering me and how to deal with it. I went originally because *something* was wrong, but I had no idea what! Jessica helped me to “check in” with myself and take a little more notice of what I’m feeling and what is going on in my head and body. Once we had a better idea of what the issue actually was, we discussed what tools I can use to help. With these tools and the skills and information I picked up throughout the sessions, I am much more confident in that I have a bit more awareness of what’s going on and that I can deal with it now. The lost, unsure feeling is gone! Confidence restored! Totally pleased with my decision to go seek help! Jessica was someone I could talk to with no worries, no limits and no judgement. I felt completely at ease and unpressured.”

Workshop Participant

“Thank you for an inspiring and informative workshop. It brought me in to more body awareness and compassion and stillness within myself. Your facilitation was done with confidence and appreciation of the needs of the group and allowed me to be experimental and creative within myself knowing that I was safe.”


“Jessica was attentive, empathetic, neutral, grounded and engaged. She provided a space for me to engage with myself, gaining a deeper understanding of who I am. I emerge from the process with improved self-confidence, self-reliance and self-awareness. This has been a hugely valuable process. A huge thanks.”