Tuning In, Being Moved


Butoh-inspired workshops

Butoh is a form of Dance Theatre from Post World War II Japan that rejects traditional notions of modern dance. Using transformation - one of the most important elements of Butoh - the body plays with qualities and surreal themes with total disregard to the intentional creation of ‘beautiful’ movements; instead dancers express raw human conditions. Movement in Butoh starts deep inside the flesh and bones until it breaks on the skin of the dancer, as the unconscious finds its expression into consciousness.

When we are relaxed and tuned in to our body, we can follow its impulses and give them expression. Connecting with your inner world, we allow dances to manifest from stillness.


  • space to explore, express, transform and play;

  • a chance to slow down and find inner stillness;

  • a structure in which to explore presence and creativity;

  • the opportunity to know yourself better through your body.

“Since each and everyone of us is born in and of this universe, we’re linked to every single thing in it. There’s nothing to stop us from reaching out and touching the entire universe.”
-Kazuo Ohno, Butoh dancer, from Kazuo Ohno’s World: From Without & Within



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‘Glacier’ images after dance exercise

‘Glacier’ images after dance exercise